Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Luna the Polar Bear Recovering After Fall

Luna the polar bear is recovering at the Buffalo Zoo after falling into a moat over the weekend.

The polar bear fell into the exhibit’s protective moat on Saturday afternoon. Luna was anesthetized, and a team of keepers were able to carry her out of the moat and transport her to the Zoo’s veterinary hospital. The Zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Kurt Volle, took X-rays and determined that Luna had fractured her tibia and fibula above the ankle joint on her left rear leg. She sustained no other injuries from the fall. A pair of board certified veterinary surgeons from Sheridan Animal Hospital performed surgery to repair the fracture on Sunday.

Luna is recovering in the Zoo’s veterinary hospital. Zoo staff reports that she is alert and eating, and that she is able to walk. Luna will remain off exhibit for several weeks to restrict her movement while her leg heals.


  1. Poor Luna! I'm glad it wasn't worse. Thanks for posting an update!

  2. It has been more than a few weeks, and Luna is still off exhibit. Any update on her condition?

  3. How is Luna doing now... especially with all the snow! I've been wondering if/when she went back on the exhibit and whether she and Kali are still great pals...