Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The baby polar bear gets to play in the snow

While she is still a little young to handle an exhibit space on her own just yet, our baby polar bear, nicknamed "Luna" got a chance to go for a romp in the snow last week for the first time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Buffalo Zoo Snooze News

Have you ever wondered what happens to the animals when everyone has gone for the day and the park has closed? Discover the Buffalo Zoo as the sun goes down through a very special program called the Buffalo Zoo Snooze. Zoo Snoozes are held on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 p.m. until 9 a.m. the following morning.

The Buffalo Zoo has added two new themes to their overnight snooze programs. Attendants now have a choice between two new snooze themes in addition to the current “Ecostation Adventure” and “Rainforest Immersion” programs. 
The new “You Run the Zoo” snooze is a career-based program that shows what goes into running a zoo. Learn about how your hobbies and talents can be applied to a variety of zoo-related jobs, from designing a new enclosure for one of our education animals, to drawing up educational signs and advertising your new enclosure to the “public”. 

The “Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Animal” theme focuses on endangered species and the many threats to current populations of wild animals. The group will split into two teams, both of which are given an animal mystery to solve. Follow the clues and track your animal to learn about what it eats, where it lives and discover why it is endangered. 

The brand new “You Run the Zoo” and “Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Animal” snooze themes are now open for booking! Call 995-6128 for scheduling. For a complete listing of Zoo Snooze offerings at the Buffalo Zoo, visit us online.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Bear Necessities

You may have heard about our latest arrival at the Buffalo Zoo over the past few days. 

Our Bears Belong in Buffalo is part of a campaign to build her a great new home on the grounds of the Zoo and to do that we need your help.  You can donate on the Zoo's site at www,buffalozoo.org, or text the word Zoobear to 56512.

Check our favorite "show"  "Trading Spaces" and you can see what is in store.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Bears Belong in Buffalo

The Buffalo Zoo announced the next phase of fundraising for the new polar bear exhibit, and introduced a polar bear cub to the public. 

The Buffalo Zoo has spent the past two years raising over $14 million of the $18 million needed to build a new entrance and polar bear exhibit. They are now asking residents of Western New York and the surrounding community to help raise the remaining $4 million required to build the exhibit and keep polar bears in Buffalo. 

The Zoo also introduced a polar bear cub to the public for the first time. The Buffalo Zoo is one of only two zoos in North America to have polar bear births this year. The cub was born on November 27th to mother Anana, sired by Nanuq, and has been hand raised by the Zoo’s veterinary technician and keeper staff.

Though the cub is currently too small to go on exhibit for the public, she will be visible on a closed-circuit television in the Zoo’s M&T Bank Rainforest Falls Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. until 3.p.m. The Zoo will also post regular updates to their website and Facebook page.

The Zoo hopes that seeing the cub will encourage the Western New York community to make their polar pledge to the campaign, so that they can build the Arctic Edge exhibit and keep the cub in Buffalo.

Make your polar pledge today by texting zoobear to 56512, or visit www.buffalozoo.org. For more information about how to help, please call (716) 995-6131. For updates about the polar bear cub, please visit buffalozoo.org, or the Zoo’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BuffaloZoo

The Buffalo Zoo wishes to thank Synacom Networks, Inc. for their assistance in making the video feed of the polar bear cub possible.